Walk  for your inner mind and outward delight!

On top of Taylor's Mountain at 1,850 to 2,000 feet elevation.



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Be one with the land at Serenity's Edge!  The various walking paths offer you the opportunity to take long meandering nature walks deep into the wooded mountain side while being surrounded by pretty mountain views.  Since these paths are only open to our residents you will be able to enjoy the mountain in a pristine setting. 

Each of the paths offer different views.   All trails are for easy to moderate walking paces.   The trails are named and marked with color-coded signs and  tree markings.  Walking sticks and trail maps are provided.   Note:  Closed-toe shoes are strongly recommended.

There are five different walking paths on fifty-one acres encompassing one and a half miles of trails and six connecting paths.

  • Path of Retreat:  one-half mile--hilly circular trail, wooded and open areas with mountain views

  • Path of Serenity:  one-fourth mile--wooded, easy walking, with a Make-A-Wish bench and other seating along the way.  Nice views.

  • Path of  Quietness:  one-fifth mile--a deep woods path of ascent and descent with a picnic area

  • Path of  Peace:  one-sixth mile of gentle decent, wooded and open areas, with a seating near the end of the trail

  • Path of Tranquility:  one-fourth mile-- a nice path that follows along the creek with large flat rock areas--perfect for relaxing or picnics

There are six cross-overs to other paths or connecting to the various cottages:

  • Connecting Path 195 feet, from the Soliloquy's Way cottage to the Serenity Path

  • Connecting Path 233 feet, from The Abode to the Path of Peace

  • Connecting Path 184 feet,  from The Tiara House to the Path of Serenity

  • Open Heart Crossing  160 feet, connects the Path of Peace & the Serenity Path

  • Prosperity Crossing 186 feet, connects the Path of Quietness & the Serenity Path

  • Perseverance Crossing 204 feet, connects the Tranquility Path  & Path of Peace

Each season presents very different scenery and experiences:

Spring offers yellow-green new growth on the trees; birds nesting; wild flowers beginning to bloom; sweet smells of wild cherry, apple, peach and blackberry blossoms, mountain laurel  and dogwood blooming.

Summer  finds the mountain in a profusion of green including tulip popular, beach, ash, black walnut, cherry, pine, oak, sassafras,  dogwood, sweet gum, and cypress trees.  The woods are graced with a symphony of bird songs.  You will see and hear a variety of different woodpeckers, hawks, blue birds, gold finches, sparrows, tufted titmouse, wood thrush, cardinals and ravens.  The butterfly bushes attract two varieties of  hummingbirds and several different butterflies.

Fall  shows off the mountain in a vivid splendor of intense colors.  Each week show a different spectrum of dramatic color changes. Apples attract the deer who are often visitors.  The brisk fresh air makes it a favorite time for hiking.

Winter  is truly a winter wonder land.  The views are spectacular.  You can see the entire valley below, the Blue Ridge Parkway and even towards Smith Mountain Lake.   The roads are plowed so if there is snow, the mountain is accessible for even front-wheel drive cars.  The hush of winter opens a new perspective to the walking paths and creek.

Whatever the season, RELAX in this QUIET, amazing & energizing atmosphere for harmonizing your body, mind & spirit!                    


A DARE.................


To hear the song birds singing.

To hear the gentle wind whispering through the leaves.

To hear yourself think.

To hear yourself breath. 

To hear the silence.


When was the last time you really got quiet to contemplate the beauty of life and love?

 When was the last time you actually breathed the sweet fragrances of nature?


Walk along the walking paths.  

Center yourself with nature in the wonderful profusion of trees.

Get your bearings back.  Allow your true self to BE again.

Daydream!  Sit on a rock and imagine a different, more full-filling life and then go after it!

(You’ve just taken the first step.)

Paula J. Tiara



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