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Who Is Paula J. Smith Tiara?

Paula J. Tiara.   Picture taken August 2006.  Owner of Serenity's Edge near Roanoke VA.

Paula has led an interesting and varied life. She is equally comfortable in a halter top and shorts doing gardening or ballroom dancing in a fancy gown. She is adventurous, creative, introspective, multi-talented and has lots of pizzazz.

Professionally, Paula has been a teacher for special needs children, an educational consultant for the State of Virginia Child Development Clinic in Lynchburg, and a  traveling microwave cooking instructor for Amana, Sears, and J. C. Penney's.  She had her own monthly microwave cooking segment on WSLS TV.  She was also a newspaper columnist & freelance writer in Virginia.

 Currently, she continues to work on expanding and improving Serenity's Edge and is slowly working on a book project.  She does hospice work when asked, helping patients manage pain and relax through the use of Reiki and  other energy work.  She is an ordained non-denominational  minister and was authorized by  the Virginia Circuit Court of Roanoke County  on May 26, 2000 to perform marriages in the State of Virginia.   Her big dream continues to be to build a Spiritual Center and memorial gardens for those who wish to find spiritual inner peace and solitude.

Her educational credentials include a Masters degree, various post-graduate training, and extensive energy & bodywork courses.  Presently, she has done some work towards a Ph.D. in holistic health and spiritual philosophy.

Her interests span from studying healing aspects, designing houses & boats, dousing, doing landscaping and gardening, designing clothes, writing and interior design.

Some of her adventures have included an unsuccessful attempt to cross the Atlantic ocean bound for England in a 40’ concrete ketch sailboat in 1987. However, this trip was successfully completed in June 2000--aboard the Queen Elizabeth II ocean liner, with smooth sailing all the way. She has traveled across the U.S. camping for the fun of it. She has spent over 30 days in several eighteen wheelers and learned to drive one in order to write articles about the trucking life for Trucks Magazine.  Paula has traveled extensively and wishes to continue seeing the world.  Some of her favorite countries include England, Italy, Greece and Russia. While she has dabbled in spelunking, canoeing, rafting, ballooning, flying and soaring, her undaunted desire to this day, is to own and fly a motor glider.

Paula’s life has had some jagged moments. At times, her sense of joy and trust in God have been painfully tested. She has had a "taste" of what true compassion, and forgiveness really means. Her wish to be an ambassador of peace began as a result of a very heart-wrenching tragedy.  In 1987 she was guided to Serenity’s Edge and feels this property  to be a very sacred place for emotional healing. Her idea is to provide elegant and beautiful spaces for people to enjoy as well as to help them see and appreciate the healing aspects of nature.

When she came to Taylor’s mountain, the field was brimming with poison ivy and the mountain side was a mass of tangled vines and briars.  There was nothing but raw land--no water, no electricity nor house.  With sheer determination she cleared the land and planted every flower, tree and blade of grass you see today.

Serenity’s Edge is a place for solitude, introspection as well as celebration. The wonder of nature in all her radiance, the cultured gardens, the walking paths, the four houses, the solarium, the gazebo--all speak of beauty, elegance and of course, serenity. The spirit of tranquility is felt and seen everywhere.  It is a place truly, to find yourself, your spirit, or your love again.


Here is one of the articles Writer's Digest Magazine wrote about Paula Tiara.


Paula J. Smith Tiara article in Writer's Digest Magazine
Paula J. Smith Tiara article in Writer's Digest Magazine


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