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Treat others as you wish them to treat you!



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     An Idea:  Signs of peace--for peace.



An invitation to you!
The Golden Rule Project began in April 2001 with the desire to promote gentleness, caring and peace. The Golden Rule is basically quoted in every Holy book of the world's religions. While the wording may be different the meaning is the same:

Treat others as you wish them to treat you.

Over forty years ago, my parents took me to the U.N. to watch some international discussions and see peace efforts in action. I was fascinated by the fact that all these countries were sitting together and talking. I asked my father a simple question. When he answered me his eyes misted over and he looked very sad. He said, "Well Paula, if they cannot agree or work out a compromise, they will go out and kill each other." My reaction was one of utter disbelief! That made no logical sense to me and, it still doesn't!
In the spring of 2001 I again visited the U.N. Again, I had the same sad and hopeless feelings when I thought about the wonderful ideal the U.N. represents yet the seemingly futile progress that has been achieved. As I approached the international conference areas on the second floor I was surprised and delighted to see the Golden Rule stated in big bold letters across the end of the hallway. Around me were people of many different nationalities--all of us just stood there and nodded our heads in silence. So awesome and yet so simple a message to convey the way of peace!
When I got back from my trip to New York City, I pondered what I might be able to do to help promote peace.   I thought, "I am only one insignificant person in a world of millions!" What came to me was that I could start simply by putting a sign on the back of my car and carry the message of peace forward. And so I did, and, still display the sign today.


If YOU place a sign on your car then you are helping to promote peace. If a whole church membership or civic group or women's club takes turns carrying the sign--even a week at a time--think of all the places that "Peace" has been seen--and hopefully pondered!

Or, if you have a way of securing enough money for a billboard or a bus sign, think of how many people that would reach!

Or, if you're rich or famous, think of how you might influence our world! The possibilities are endless but at whatever level--one must first act before any results might be achieved. Remember: outer peace is achieved from inner peace with one's self.

Thanks for your consideration in promoting The Golden Rule Project!!!!

Peace be with you!
Paula J. Tiara

P.S    For Women, something to consider:    

The New Golden Rule for Women!   See this wonderful movie:



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